how to build a butt and pass log cabin

How to Build a Log Cabin

How to build a log cabin is not the most difficult job in the world, not by a long shot – but it isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

Building a log cabin can be a little tricky, but if done well, you are rewarded at the end of the day with a proud, well built structure that can be a source of much joy for many years to come. And that is a reward well worth the journey. So let’s get started!

  • Choose your site and level the land – Building a log cabin need not always involve laying a foundation, but you must take care to ensure that the site you have chosen is safe from bogs and marshes, and is as level as possible.
  • Choose your logs, and choose your method: Building a log cabin by using a variety of notches is one way of attacking the problem, but the simplest involves using what is popularly known as the butt and pass method. This simply involves stacking logs tightly next to each other, affixing them with steel pins in some cases, and doing so from corner to corner. One needn’t even mill the logs in the butt and mass method, and a butt and pass log cabin is a very convenient form indeed.
  • Figure out the doors and windows: Take care to ensure a respectable height for the windows, and do remember to place your door in a convenient place.  Leaving the correct space for both can often be a wee bit tricky, so plan carefully in advance.
  • The roof and the chimney: Framing a roof needn’t be done with logs, although logs can certainly be used in the construction of the roof itself. Since log cabins will usually be built in relatively cooler climes, you will end up needing a chimney more often than not. Remember to start with a fixed plan for the chimney, and construct the log cabin around it, so to speak.  You might want to consider using local stone for a fireplace – but if you plan on hiring help to construct a log cabin, do stay on top of the job at all times.

It isn’t rocket science, and there exist a wide variety of sites on the web that will help you with your project – but this much is certain: building a log cabin is a whole lot of fun, so if you are considering taking the plunge you will need to research how to build a butt and pass log cabin and how to build a chimney for a log cabin. The butt and pass method of log cabin building is preferred by log cabin aficionados and this has to do with the need to use only properly seasoned and dried logs.

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