Sliding Barn Door Plans

If you are looking to build a sliding barn door, you will probably benefit from looking at some sliding barn door plans.

There are several different types of sliding barn doors, and certain plans can be found online for free, whereas others are available but for a fee. A quick Internet search can help you find the appropriate plans for the type of sliding barn door that you wish to build.

Sliding Wood Barn Door Plans

Almost all sliding barn door plans will require some sort of barn door rollers as well as a barn door track. Additionally, you will need the material for the actual door. The average cost of materials for a sliding barn doors ranges from $520-$1200, depending on if you are building a sliding metal barn door, or a sliding wood barn door. There are several sliding wood barn door plans available for free online, but sliding metal doors are more complex and sliding metal barn door plans tend to be available for a specific price.

Barn Door Plans

Of course, you can always skip the barn door plans and hire a carpenter to build and install your sliding barn door for you. If you do decide to hire a carpenter, then keep in mind that the average carpenter will charge you $70 an hour for their work. Therefore, if you are handy with tools, it might be best to purchase or find some barn door plans and do it yourself. Such a project will take you an average of 15-20 hours to complete, if you are also making the doors yourself. If you are simply installing the doors, it will take you an average of 3-4 hours.

Barn door plans are very important in order to construct and install your own sliding barn doors. Sliding wood barn door plans range from $8-$15 to purchase. Make sure that when you are buying a sliding wood barn door plan, it is a barn door plan for the same type of door you would like to build. Some websites will not only give you a barn door plan (for a fee, of course) but will also help you virtually design the barn and give you an estimate of how much the total project will cost. Alternatively, you can always purchase a “ready-to-install” package, which would come with all the materials for your sliding barn doors, along with the plans. The material is custom-made to your specifications. Of course, this option is not only more convenient, but also more costly.

Sliding barn door plans, both those that are free and those that are not, can be found easily with a quick Internet search.

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