Pole Barn Homes-An Easy DIY Project with a Pole Barn Kit?

Pole barn homes present many interesting options and will provide a secure, inexpensive alternative to the typical frame home. It might prove to be a bit over-whelming if you are not that experienced in construction work.

Whether you are starting out from scratch, or upgrading an existing building, it might be worthwhile to find a well-established general contractor to oversee your project.


Barn Kits

Any of the available pole barn kits can pretty much be adapted to make for a new comfortable home, or simply a nice get-away or log cabin type hunting lodge. If you are starting out with raw land, you may find it an advantage because a lot is done before the laying of the foundation.

You will need to know the local requirements for your sewage, water and electrical hookups.

Pole Barns

Once pole barns are set up, they can pretty much be adapted inside to satisfy most any layout because of the open floor plans.

Adding walls to partition the space is basically one of individual tastes and a family’s need. Having a plan for the layout of your rooms will be necessary for all of the proper installations and wiring.

The coordination of having the different phases completed efficiently is the benefit of finding a good, reliable general contractor. Of course, any phase could be done by a person comfortable with doing the work themselves.

One obvious note, most barn kits don’t include windows or doors in their plans. So when the siding is going up, that is something that will need to be factored in.


Some find that staying with the plans that might include a large opening and adding a large sliding door to be a unique touch that can still be safely secured.

With the right plan, the cement can be poured around the log posts and act as additional support and stability. If you are converting a pole barn, it is quite possible to lay a cement foundation and simply use cement stains to highlight the interior design.

You will need to address the proper use of insulation and how you want to heat your new home. Radiant heating systems work well if planned for from the start, or you can go with typical heat ducts and vents.

Pole barn homes can be designed to be homes of distinction from the start. If you are fortunate to find any of the many pole barns already constructed, converting them can be a very doable, affordable project with the right experienced professionals to offer any assistance needed along the way.

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