Mueller Metal Buildings Review-A Popular Storage Solution

Mueller metal buildings are a Texan company that makes very popular steel buildings for all types of storage solutions. With Mueller steel buildings you have a choice of panel profiles, colors and accessories to solve your storage problem and which are very sturdy and weather resistant.

Mueller steel buildings can be used for barns, keeping your horses or equipment and machinery safe and secure but can also be used for commercial applications. They come with a 30 year paint warranty and are termite and fire resistant and allow you to span large distances (up to 150 feet) with no supporting columns.


Mueller DIY Kits

Mueller DIY kits range in size from 6 ft.x 9ft x 7 ft up to 24 x24x8 and range in price from $795 up to $3,395. You get to choose from 30 colors and they have an all steel frame with 26 guage wall and roof sheets. They also have optional floor kits.

Each Mueller diy kit comes with a trim package and all the necessary screws and ironmongery. All the steel sheets are pre cut in the factory and you also are supplied with detailed drawings and instructions. The steel frame is bolt together and there are 6 sizes in the diy series which are ideal for backyard storage.

Mueller Car Ports

Mueller also do a range of car port kits and bigger buildings apart from the backyard storage kits outlined above. Mueller car ports come in two sizes-20 foot by 20 foot for 2 cars and costing $775 and the single car port costing $525 and measuring 12 ft. x 20 ft. Again, these Mueller products come with detailed drawings and assembly instructions and optional trim kits. The roof sheets for these car ports are made from 26 guage steel and have a 25 year warranty with square tubing for the frame.

Mueller Greenhouse buildings come in three sizes and have polycarbonate skylights and then there is the bigger steel buildings from Mueller which are pre engineered in the factory and can be bolted together. They rang e in size from 24 x 24 to 40 x 60.

Finally Mueller also give you the choice of what size steel building you want and they will custom build the panels and all you need to erect practically any steel building.

Mueller steel buildings certainly seem to exude quality and the ease of assembly, the fire proof nature of them and the long warranty and choice of colors ensure that these storage shed solutions are certainly a cut above the standard wooden storage shed.

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