Lowes Sheds-Lowes Storage Sheds Review

Lowes sheds are generally known for their good quality and sturdy build.

There are all sorts of Lowes storage sheds, and they vary in both style and pricing. Lowes storage sheds can cost anything from only $140, all the way up to $1500. The reason for the huge range in pricing is due to the materials used, the style, as well as the size of the Lowes storage shed.

Lowes Storage Sheds

Some Lowes storage sheds are very small, measuring 72” x 22” whereas others are very large, measuring 12’ x 17’. Practically any size is available, depending on what you need, as well as the space you have on hand. Some Lowes storage sheds come pre-installed and delivered to your door, whereas others come boxed and require very minimal directions. Other Lowes storage sheds, particularly the very large ones, come with all the pieces necessary for you to build it yourself.

Lowes storage sheds also vary vastly in style. There are some Lowes sheds that are a simple horizontal rectangular prism style, and there are some that look very similar to a mini-house, with a sloped roof. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, the sloped roof design would be more ideal. If you are looking for a small Lowes storage shed, the rectangular prism design would be the way to go.

As with the varying designs and sizes, Lowes storage sheds also vary in the type of materials used. The main types of materials used in Lowes storage sheds are wood, metal, vinyl and plastic. Depending on your needs and the type of climate you live in, one material type may be more ideal than the others.

The plastic Lowes storage sheds tend to be the smaller ones. This material is very sturdy and fares pretty well in all types of weather. The larger Lowes storage sheds can be wood, metal or vinyl.

The metal storage sheds, while very sturdy, are susceptible to rust over a long period of time. Likewise, the wood Lowes storage sheds are vulnerable to mildew. With a vinyl design, both these issues can be avoided. The more expensive Lowes storage sheds have a vinyl exterior, with a metal interior which avoids the problem of rust, while still allowing you the durable structure that metal provides.

When looking for a Lowes storage shed, do not get overwhelmed with the number of different designs available. Lowes sheds are diverse in order to account for all sorts of climates and space restrictions.

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