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Loafing shed plans are very useful in certain situations. Where wind and sleety rain is an issue where you live then loafing sheds are very useful and not too expensive to construct.

A loafing shed is basically a 3 sided shelter or structure whose primary purpose is to shelter your animals, whether they are horses, alpacas or whatever. If your winters are severe then you might avoid loafing sheds and build a proper shed or barn for sheltering your animals.

If predators are a serious problem in your area then a loafing shed may not be sufficient either but if your winters are not unduly severe and predators are not a huge issue then you might want to take a look at loafing shed plans.

Before you get cracking with building a loafing shed there are a number of things you need to consider:

1.       Ensure that your loafing shed faces in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind and bad weather

2.       Place your shed on the highest ground you can to ensure that water does not drain into it

3.       Make sure your roof has a nice slope or pitch on it to ensure water run off. You can make a fancy roof or one with a decorative overhang to help rain run off the front of the shelter also.

4.       You need to guard against your loafing shed being damaged or even blown away in stormy weather. Remember that you want to place your shed on high ground but this will leave it pretty exposed to strong winds so you will need to be certain that it is well anchored.

Loafing sheds are also popular in very hot climates to provide shelter from the midday sun and you will need to consider what type of siding you use and strongly consider lining your shed. Generally people use metal siding for these types of sheds but if you do use metal then you will need to line your shed with some timber like plywood to prevent animals damaging themselves by perhaps kicking through and cutting themselves badly.

Free Loafing Shed Plans

Free loafing shed plans are hard enough to come by but I did manage to find one  which I hope you find useful.You can access your free loafing shed plan by clicking on the link.

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