Learning How To Build A Pole Barn In 3 Easy Steps

If you need a building for any number of reasons , learning how to build a pole barn will likely prove to be the most practical and inexpensive alternative.

You’ve seen these structures on almost any farm. Because of their ease of construction, many have found them to be excellent for protecting vehicles or storing other equipment on their properties.

Step 1

You’ll find that taking some time to plan your pole barn to suit your specific needs will pretty much assure a smooth project. You can construct  these buildings using usually, metal or woods. If you have in mind a larger structure, or more than one level, the stress levels will need to be taken into consideration. It may serve you well to seek more information regarding upgrading a structure to learn how to build a pole barn house.


Although you can adapt them to be sound enough to use as a guest house, or a home, usually they are not designed to be very secure buildings because of their simplicity and openings.

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Step 2

Check with your local authorities. Any community can pretty much set their own standards and building codes. You will need to consider the power source or plumbing you will run to your pole barn, if any. They do make great work areas for woodworking, hobbies, or auto repairs. You will want to make sure you plan for a proper roof pitch for rain runoff or snow loads. Of course, the need to withstand winds will be taken into consideration.

The area you will build on may need to be properly prepared for adequate drainage and of course, the ability to hold the structure. This is  especially important depending on what type of roof you go with and the material used. Consider if grading, or adding gravel or fill, would be appropriate. Again, your local authorities should be able to help you out in that area.

Step 3

Decide what materials you will use. To keep things simple, you will probably find using standard utility poles, 8 foot sections of lumber, and perhaps some plywood sheets, the least expensive. If you decide to go with metal, it may withstand more abuse over time and be a little more secure. When using metal, you will want to place your poles closer together to help lessen possible wind damage.


Your local lumber yard should be able to offer some advice for getting the proper pre-built roof trusses and appropriate nails and fasteners. Considering how popular these structures are, they will most likely offer many helpful tips from planning to completion.

From then on, it is only a matter of making sure you set your poles to an adequate depth and they remain level. Pouring concrete around them might be a good idea. Once the sides and roof are in place, you can always upgrade to suit your needs and still work within your budget.

Learning how to build a pole barn for your personal specifications is not a huge challenge. This is why they have become so popular. You can decide if you want to do it all yourself, contract any of it out, or upgrade it to serve as a workshop or a guest house.

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