Lean To Storage Shed-How To Build A Lean To Shed

A lean to storage shed is a very useful addition to any home or property as it maximizes the limited space enjoyed by many homeowners.

Furthermore some housing and community associations are very particular about the type of shed they will let you erect on your property so you may be restricted as to the type of shed you can choose.


There are two types of lean to shed-the one which leans against or abuts your property and a standalone lean to shed which essentially has three sides with one side open.

This latter lean to storage shed can be ideal for storing and seasoning firewood, depending on how you construct it, or sheltering animals.


How to build a lean to shed

Draw up your dimensions for the 3 sides you will construct and which will lean against your existing building which will form the 4th side of your shed.


A good, standard dimension for such a shed could be about 16 feet long with your walls 8 feet tall and the fourth side will be about 10 feet tall allowing a 30 degree slope on your roof to allow rainfall run off.


Then you need to dig a foundation for your lean to shed which should be about 8 inches wide by 8 inches deep into which you will pour some concrete and on which you will place the frame of your shed.


Get some 2 by 4 timbers and build the structure of your shed by fixing them to a sill plate(bottom board) and make sure to install your studs on 16 inch centers-you will also need a top plate obviously and don’t forget to leave space for a door.


You then need to fix a header board to your existing building at about 10 feet high which will create the slope on your shed roof and you then need some 2 by 4 rafters which will run from your header board to the top plate of your frame.


Use some plywood (1/2  inch or ¾ inch is fine) for your roof and fix some tar paper and asphalt shingles.


You are now ready to close in your shed with whatever siding you choose and depending on your budget. You should also fix some guttering to ensure good water runoff and also don’t forget to give your new lean to storage shed some exterior paint or stain to protect it against the elements.


For a nice finishing touch you can put in a border around your shed which you can do with timber boards and which can be filled with stones or mulch to prevent weeds sprouting up the side of your shed in the spring.


This is a pretty rudimentary guide to building a lean to storage shed but it will give you a good idea of what is involved.

If you are not proficient at woodworking or diy you might consider purchasing a downloadable package which gives you step by step instructions for all sorts of woodworking projects and sheds which I came across on the internet and which I would recommend.

It is called Ted’s plans and is pretty useful. You can check it out here and it has a money back guarantee.

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