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Heartland sheds are high-quality sheds made of wood that are durable and affordable. The company has over 30 years of experience in building wooden sheds.

Their sheds differ from other wooden sheds in that the wood used is treated to be insect and mildew-resistant. The wood is pre-treated with a zinc borate-based material.

The other thing that differentiates Heartland storage sheds from others is their unique design. Each Heartland shed comprises of double doors, and steel hinges. All Heartland sheds also come with at least a 2-year guarantee for parts and labor. The higher-end models come with up to a 10-year guarantee. The thing that distinguishes Heartland storage sheds from other sheds is that they are made to weather rain, hail, and all sorts of climates.

Heartland Storage Sheds

There are several different types of Heartland storage sheds. Depending on your needs and your budget, one type might be more ideal than the other.
The first type is the smaller storage Heartland sheds, which measure around 8’ x 6’. The larger sheds measure up to 10’ x 12’ and can be two stories high. All Heartland sheds are called pre-fabricated, or pre-fab sheds, since they come in a sort of “do-it-yourself” kit. The customer receives all the pieces and assembles the shed his or herself with minimal instruction. The sheds are also designed in such a way that you can paint them any color of your choosing. It’s a cross between making your own shed from scratch, and buying an already-built shed that leaves you no room to add any personal touches.

The majority of the online reviews about Heartland storage sheds are positive. Most people agree that the set-up is easy and the designs are good. Heartland has a very good reputation, and for good reason. Their products are of very high quality and their designs are practical. Each shed comes with easy-to-follow instructions and their customer service is friendly and efficient. However, some customers complain about the older designs and say that the material is not rot-proof. These complaints are of sheds that are over 15 years old. Other customers feel that the sheds are too complicated, and would have preferred a simple and smaller design. Overall though, the reviews of Heartland sheds are pretty positive.

If you are looking for a chic wooden shed that can last a long time and handle the weather or a shed that you can build yourself that is a bit on the bigger side, then a Heartland shed is the ideal option for you.

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