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Log Cabin Kits-A Critical Analysis

Log cabin kits, even small log cabin kits, appear to offer a convenient and cost effective method by which to build a log cabin home. However there are contrary views about the effectiveness and cost of using log cabin kits.

Log cabins kits disadvantages

  1. Cost-clearly the cost of availing of log cabin kits for sale will involve transportation of your kit from the kit manufacturer to your property. Quite possibly the logs that go to make up your kit will already have been felled in some other part of the country for transportation to the log cabin kit manufacturer. Ultimately the end user, you, will be picking up the tab for this transportation.
  2. Log cabin kits are generally built with a flat wood on flat wood method of construction but this will lead to the necessity of treating your log cabin home with sealers, preservatives and other chemicals.



Components of log cabin kits

Your log cabin kit will comprise of windows, doors and logs and some log cabin kit manufacturers will supply roofing material and some other extras.


But you will need to check this first before putting down your hard earned cash. Speaking of cash it is important also to cost your log cabin home properly before going to the bank for a mortgage and generally you will find that the cost of the log cabin kit will form 1/3 of your overall cost, 1/3 required for labor and 1/3 for finishing your log cabin home with wiring, plumbing and other essential finishing trades.


Advantages of log cabin kits

Some of the advantages include:

  1. The feeling of achievement of building your own home with back up advice and help from your kit supplier. You need to check though how much advice and assistance the log cabin kit supplier supplies after you purchase.
  2. There are a huge range of options available to really finish off your log cabin home with solar panels, wood stoves and other optional extras.


Log cabin construction

Some vital factors you need to consider when constructing log cabin homes include

  • Taking a good look at the site on which you intend building your log cabin home and paying particular attention to elevation, the surrounding area and landscape, services, power source, water and access
  • Local building ordinances and codes will need to be checked before commencing construction as any mistakes at this stage will prove very costly to put right.


Do some research on the internet and in magazines, books etc as to the different methods of log cabin construction which include Scandinavian chinkless cabin construction, the Canadian method and the butt and pass method of log cabin construction which is a different method of log cabin construction from the conventional log cabin kit construction.



In summary, when looking for log cabin kits for sale ensure that you talk through with the salesman precisely what is included in their kit, how much advice and assistance they provide both before and after purchase. Even for small log cabin kits you will need to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages set out above because site clearance, planning and zoning ordinances, labor, services provision etc. will add up to make any mistakes very costly in the long run.

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