10 X 12 Shed Plan

Building a 10 x 12 storage shed is one of the most popular diy projects on the planet.
And it is a very doable project for any self respecting handyman or woman.

But you will need to prepare properly for your project, have a good shed plan and a bill of materials.

In this post you will see a lovely 10 x 12 shed, together with a shed plan and a bill of materials. I hope it is helpful for you..

10 x 12 Storage Shed

10 x 12 Storage Shed

10 x 12 Shed Plan

10 x 12 Shed Plan

Materials for the 10 x 12 Shed

Materials: 10′x12′ Garden Tool and Lawn Tractor Storage Shed
Foundation Quantity Size Description/Notes
Subfloor 2.3 Cu.Yd. 6″ Deep crushed stone or clean gravel
Conc.Slab 4.6 Cu.Yd. 4″ Slab and thickened edges – See Drawing
Wire Mesh 120 Sq.Ft. #10 6×6 grid
Rebars 4 10′ #4 Rebars
Rebars 4 12′ #4 Rebars

Pier Footings 6 12″ Diam. Conc. in Sonotube or equal forms with two 24″ #4 Rebars – for northern locations only. Depth determined by frost line.

Walls Quantity Size Description/Notes
Sill Plates 4 2×4 x12′ Pressure treated
Studs 44 2×4 x 8′
Plates 4 2×4 x 12′
Plates 5 2×4 x 10′
Headers/Girders 4 2×6 x 12′
Header 1 2×6 x 6′ Double 2×6 above window
Sheathing 10 Sheets 1/2″ x 4′x8′ Exterior grade plywood
Siding 230 Sq.Ft. As selected by owner

Loft Floor Quantity Size Description/Notes
Joists 10 2×6 x 10′
Flooring 3 Sheets 1/2″ x 4′x8′ Plywood

Roof Quantity Size Description/Notes
Rafters 14 2×6 x 8′
Ridge 1 2×8 x 14′
Collar Ties 7 2×4 x 8′
Barge Rafters 8 2×4 x 8′ For gable end roof overhang
Deck 7 Sheets 1/2″ x 4′x8′ Exterior grade plywood
Roofing 200 Sq.Ft. As selected by owner

Windows & Doors Quantity Size Description/Notes
Door Rails 3 1×6 x 10′
Door Stiles 4 1×3 x 6′
Door Z Braces 2 2×4 x 8′
Door Z Braces 1 2×4 x 12′
Window 1 2′x4′ Double hung

Specialties Quantity Size Description/Notes
Vents 2 Louvered and screened wooden vents
Cupola 1 18″x18″x24″ High Optional prefab cupola

Exterior Trim Quantity Size Description/Notes
Finish Boards 3 1×6 x 12′
Finish Boards 3 1×6 x 8′
Finish Boards 4 1×4 x 8′
Finish Boards 2 1×4 x 14′
Finish Boards 12 1×3 x 8′
Finish Boards 2 1×2 x14′
Finish Boards 4 1×2 x 8′
Drip Cap 1 4′ Preformed drip cap
Soffit 1 1/4″x 4′x8′ Exterior plywood

Hardware Quantity Size Description/Notes
Anchor Bolts 12 5/8″ x 10″
Copper Flashing 45 Ft. 8″ Bend to form termite shield
Rafter Ties 14 Simpson Strong Tie #H1 or equal
Strap Hinges 6 8″ Min.


This material list was prepared for typical construction and conditions. Actual construction may vary. Have this list checked and modified by a building professional prior to purchasing materials. Add fasteners, incidentals and owner’s selection of siding, roofing and options.

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Vinyl storage sheds are a simpler solution if you really feel you are not up to the building of a shed and will provide a quick, simple solution to your storage problems..in the short term anyway.

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